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Welcome to Outsource International B.V. - Your supplier for quality piping products !

Following materials are surplus stock available at discounted rates. If interested, please contact us.

LocationQtySizeSch/WTLengthLbsDescr.MaterialHeat NrOrigin
E53p1"  3000#SW TeesA182 F22.09720Italy
G43p2" x 1" Sch. 80s  BE BW Swage Nipples A312 TP316L2199Italy
G13p8"Sch. 10s 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F316LT-2546Italy
C41p6" x 3" Sch. Std  Concentric ReducerA234 WPB456066Austria
C51p2"Sch. Std  90 LR ElbowsA420 WPL675590Austria
C42p2"Sch. Std  90 LR ElbowsA420 WPL6850Italy
C41p2Sch. Std  Equal teeA234 WPB220585Austria
G510p1/2"   6000#SW 90 ElbowsA182 F316L473408Italy
C52p3/4" Sch. 160 1500#WNRTJ FlangeA10571493Italy
G48p2"Sch. Std  90 LR ElbowsA403 WP304LJWHSpain
G36p2"Sch. Std  90 LR ElbowsA403 WP304LKAOSpain
G51p3"Sch. 10s  90 LR ElbowsA403 WP304LPXCSpain
I115p4"   150#Threaded FlangesA105 GALVANIZED295A4Spain
I53p3"   150#Threaded FlangesA105 GALVANIZED345A7Spain
I57p2"  150#Threaded FlangesA105 GALVANIZED491A6Spain
D14p8" x 6" Sch. 160  Eccentric ReducerA234 WP11950869Italy
H13p8" Sch. 30 300#WNRF FlangeA105261A7Spain
H23p8" Sch. 30 300#WNRF FlangeA105261A7Spain
E21p10"   150#BLRF FlangeA350 LF2T3217-1207Spain
F34p6"   150#BLRF FlangeA350 LF2T2757Spain
E42p3/4"    Threaded Round Head PlugA182 F5A363Italy
F44p3/4"Sch. 160100mm Nipples BEPA335 P583077Italy
E42p3/4" Sch. 160100mm Nipples OETA335 P561423Italy
E42p3/4"   3000#SW Half CouplingsA182 F589745AItaly
C41p3" Sch. Std  45 LR ElbowsA234 WPB521260Italy
G57p3/4"   3000#SW Full CouplingsA182 F3219860AItaly
E51p3/4"   3000#SW 90 ElbowsA182 F2250434Italy
G55p3/4"   3000#SW 90 ElbowsA182 F321415468Italy
C15p6" Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F22H43211Italy
C39p4"Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F22H43211Italy
B15p6"Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F11H83255Italy
B310p4"Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F11C01915Italy
B410p3"Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F11C55331Italy
B56p3/4"Sch. XS 600#SWRF FlangeA182 F11H01915Italy
D15p6"Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F5C07185/C50576Italy
D310p4"Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F5H07185Italy
D410p3"Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeA182 F5H58243Italy
F41p35mm dia 390mm Round BarAlloy 800HT251773Italy
F4 50mm dia 100mm Round BarAlloy 800HT253640Italy
F31p50mm dia 1000mm Round BarECu57--
I414p2" Sch. Std 150#WNRF FlangeASTM A 105H8483Italy
G41p3" x 2"Sch. 80s  Concentric ReducerASTM A 403 WP316L519204/09A089France

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